What the American press had to say


Lure of the Chase promises to be a winner. As a matter of fact once started it was difficult to put down. Chances are when you have finished you are going to want more immediately.

Horse Country. Virginia.


There's nothing like the lure of the couch if you have a good page turning story to read and it centers around breath taking Irish foxhunts, steeplechases intrigue and romance with a dash of history thrown in. This is Sinclair-Smith's third book and he's a man well equipped to lure readers along on a hunt.

Chronicle of the Horse. Virginia.


Here's a page-turner with a satisfying complement of exhilarating foxhunting and steeplechase scenes. The narrative, a fine storyline flows swiftly. I enjoyed Lure and enthusiastically recommend it for a good read.

Norman Fine, Editor, Coverside. Masters of Foxhounds of America.


What Readers have said


I just finished galloping through all three of your books. I only put one down long enough to pick up the next one. Thank you for hours of laughter and suspense! You really bring the hunt to life! Mark me down for a copy of the sequel to "Lure of the Chase."

Your newest fan, CB, Staunton Virginia.


I'm sure you get lots of e-mails just like this one - but I LOVE your book Don't Trample the Dogs. I literally read it once a month and die laughing every time (and yes - I do have a life!)

June S


Just finished your three books and enjoyed them very much and look forward to the next episode of Glen and Caitlin, Tom and Guy. "Don't trample the Dogs." was hilarious. Rode with the Galway Blazers last year and your tales of Ireland were so true and your humorous spin was riotous.



I absolutely loved Lure of the Chase and have often wondered, since reading the book, why you haven't written novels like Lure of the Chase all along. Not only did you spin a wonderful romance but you made me feel as if I were galloping along after the hounds and could feel the rain stinging my face, my heart racing as a huge fence loomed out of the fog and I am committed to it!!! And all of this in the comfort of my bed with a quilt wrapped around me.

Seriously though, I gave it to my mother to read and she felt the same way I did. That coming from a 72 year old ex foxhunter and a novel critic from the world 'go!!!



Please contact my friends at the Second Story Bookshop in Lexington VA concerning your books. I have told them how wonderful they are and your call will be most welcome.



Your book Lure of the Chase was great and I hope you plan a sequel so I can see how Tom's future turns out. The hunting scenes are wonderful and as a Virginia (Orange County) hunter I related to them and the excitement and fear. How do I order Don't trample the Dogs? A new fan



A few days ago I ordered your three books, after seeing a brief review in Coverside News. The books arrived yesterday, and I am now halfway through the third one, Lure of the Chase. I have giggled, snorted, and read out-loud over and again, your delightful stories. It is not often that I enjoy books enough to write to the author, but as you are a fellow hunter, I must thank you for the wonderful hours you have given me today.

M. M. BNashville Tennessee.