Lure of the Chase by Michael Sinclair-Smith



Glenn O'Brien, an Irish American, gets a call in his Boston office about a horse from an old steeple-chasing buddy in Ireland. In need of a break from creditors and recession, he puts operations on hold and takes a flight to Shannon. He hunts the horse over the Clare countryside, gets involved in some hotly disputed bidding for him and takes on a gutsy wager which ends in a match ride to hounds through the tough country of the Burren. After the hair-raising chase he is indeed alone with hounds when they account for the fox, but he is hopelessly lost on the moors. Finding his way out becomes a quest. He finds much more than the mere path out of the moors, he discovers his roots, his woman and his true identity.

Lure of the Chase promises to be a winner. As a matter of fact once started it was difficult to put down. Chances are when you have finished you are going to want more immediately.

Horse Country. Viginia.


There's nothing like the lure of the couch if you have a good page turning story to read and it centers around breath taking Irish foxhunts, steeplechases intrigue and romance with a dash of history thrown in. This is Sinclair-Smith's third book and he's a man well equipped to lure readers along on a hunt.

Chronicle of the horse. Virginia.


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